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Make this your breakout season with Pro Sites Unlimited. With one click, you're communicating with the bass fishing community through videos, new product releases and reporting your success along the tournament trail. And when sponsors want to know what you can do for them, the pitch is easy. While your competition is talking to one, you're reaching out to a worldwide audience. With trackable statistics, your fanbase goes right along with you. Take your tournament fishing and career to the next level with Pro Sites Unlimited today.

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Dedicated Ten (D10)
Designed by seasoned tournament anglers, D10 sight fishing and summer series apparel lines are designed with a high degree of functionality. Like bass fishing techniques, they are constantly thinking outside the box in their apparel designs. D10 is the first to introduce sight fisherman jerseys, choosing specific colors to go undetected. In addition, bass fishing apparel for summer heat as well as winter cold. A moisture-wicking, dry fit clothing line they call the summer series. This is bass fishing apparel and bass gear designed for those dedicated 10 percent of anglers who catch 90 percent of the fish. Visit DedicatedTen today for more.d10_logo200x52.png

Tournament Trail

I'm taking my career to next level this year and looking forward to a full tour schedule. With local and regional events on the horizon, I'm going to be covering a lot of water and making my share of road-trips. You can follow me on tour by checking out my Tournament Trail page with my complete schedule along with updates in my blog. Check back often and I hope to see you out on the water.
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My Website is LIVE!

Posted by admin on September 5, 2013


I've taken my career to the next level with my own website from Pro Sites Unlimited. Stay posted for tournament trail updates, new sponsor releases, blog posts, photos, videos and much more. Be sure to bookmark my site and I'll see you on the water - Action Jackson

Attract bass fishing sponsors

Posted by admin on September 5, 2013


Tournament anglers see sponsorship as the Holy Grail, the path to free entry fees and piles of free product. While all of that is possible, the reality is there is more to a sponsorship partnership than exchanging jersey space for cash and products. Sponsorships are like any job; you start out at the bottom and work your way up. Along the way you must prove yourself, work well with others, have good communication and stay professional at all times. However before you can get to that point, you must first develop the relationship, build trust and show your worth. It's go time.

Promoting YOU with your angler website

Posted by admin on September 5, 2013

PSU_showcaseHero265_rtcup.pngWith your own personal corner on the web, you're talking to a worldwide audience. Yes, catching bass, climbing the leader board and taking your career to the next level are key. But with your own website, you're part of a billion dollar business that keeps growing by spreading the word. Sporting a sponosor logo on your jersey and putting in some time at a tradeshow are just the price of entry in today's competitive fishing market. You can either step up or step back. That's the bottom line. To keep you and your sponsors part of the conversation and ahead of the competition, your website provides the tools and communication needed to give you the edge. With one click, it's on.